Dogfish Diary – Blog page which I ran between 2015 and 2019. Some of the writing and photography is a bit rough but there’s some decent stuff on here and some useful information.

Hookpoint Magazine – Free online monthly sea angling magazine featuring content from some of the UK’s top anglers. I currently contribute to this publication, as well as doing some behind the scenes work.

Veals Mail Order – I buy a lot of my sea fishing equipment here. They have an enormous selection of quality tackle and the line and terminal tackle they sell under the Varivas brand is particularly good.

Premier Baits – Excellent bait supplier based in Redruth stocking high quality blast frozen baits (including sandeels, mackerel and squid) as well as a selection of livebaits such as ragworm, lugworm and live sandeels.

Mor Baits – Another great bait supplier in the St Austell area stocking high quality blast frozen sandeels, mackerel, squid and crab. Live sandeels available in season. Low prices and fantastic friendly service!

The Fish Locker – Brilliant YouTube channel featuring John Locker and his family. Tons of great content here from rig basics to advanced small boat fishing.

Cornish Kayak Angler – Fantastic blog by Cornish angler Liam Faisey. Lots of great pics and reading here!

Chris O’Sullivan Fishing – YouTube channel of top Irish match angler and specimen hunter Chris O’Sullivan. 

The Gambling Angler – Explore the shores of the Bristol Channel guided by top shore angler Jansen Teakle.

The Shore Hunter – Guided shore fishing and tuition in the South West by qualified angling coach Wayne Hand.

Skarnsundet Fjordsenter – Highly recommended if you fancy the  Norwegian shore fishing trip of a lifetime! The variety of species to fish for and marks to fish in this area is second to none. Check out their YouTube videos at