I was born in 1983 and I have lived in the town of Newquay, Cornwall, all my life. I started coarse fishing around the age of eight before getting into fly fishing at the age of 11. Sea fishing came into my life in the mid ’90s, when my family and I moved into a house overlooking Fistral Beach.

I didn’t fish much from 2000 to ’09 but in 2010, I started to get serious about sea angling again. After learning to drive, I began exploring the shores of Cornwall and quickly became fascinated with the beautiful places and species of fish that I came across.

I started writing about my fishing in 2015 in a blog called ‘dogfishdiary‘. I then moved on to doing pieces for magazines a couple of years afterwards. My interest in photography grew from seeing the images I had taken in print and online, wanting to improve on them and capture more of the amazing things that I see in my angling life.

I set this site up originally to make my stories that had appeared in defunct publications available to read again but as I put more time into it, the site grew into its own animal too. However, I do also produce content for other media sources, most prominently Hookpoint magazine, which I have been involved with since it was founded in 2019.